History: general links
History by wikipedia
United Nations. It's your world.
Countries and places links
Declaration of Human Rights
World history at a glance
HyperHistory by the Swiss Andreas Nothiger
Timelines, parallel history, events, people etc. in ALL CONTINENTS. Check timeline overview, or timeline of events year by year. Clickable words, maps, best links, articles.
The History Guide: Lectures by Steven Kries at
Frank E. Smitha USA: World History Attitude and Events, from Early Humanity to Yesterday
Articles presenting all human history. All placenames are clickable and you can see a map.
Les Medias - Chronologie Marc Alexis Morelle
BBC - History
Empires Series PBS TV documentaries USA
UN. It's your world.
UNESCO home page - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre
World Heritage Table of Contents UNESCO
Ecology: Greenpeace International Homepage
Ecology: Friends of the Earth - US
Ecology: WWF
Amnesty International english, spanish, french, arabic
Europa - The European Union On-Line EUR
protected sites and monuments
UNESCO World Heritage in english and french. Endangered monuments
Venice Charter on Building Restoration Principles @wikipedia

History Tools
Calendopaedia - The Encyclopaedia of Calendars - by Michael Astbury
Calendar Zone by category
World Clock and more at
PLACE: historical maps
Earth History Paleomap Project
at Paleomap Project by Christopher R. Scotese
United Nations Cartographic Section english and french versions
Historical Maps by Perry-Castañeda Texas Library USA
Oriental Institute map series
Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
Centennia Historical Atlas online section EUROPE
History Political Maps Social issues: maps by Le Monde diplomatique.
Historic Cities Maps & Documents
Maps at Countries and places links
Search the web for online books
SOURCES Paul Halsall-Fordham University Internet History Sourcebooks Project
The History Guide: Lectures by Steven Kreis
Jours d'Histoire specific dates calendar lang:fre. - The web site of the Institute of Historical Research University of London GB
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Art Timeline
Texts Political History Liberty Library of Constitutional Classics
USA index to source material University of Groninger, NETHERLANDS
Religion by wikipedia
Fordham U. by Paul Halsall - check all relevant pages
Periods of human history
Anthropology and palaeontology links
How it all started
Earth History Paleomap Project
Museum of Palaeontology, Berkeley USA
Anthropology Tutorials by Dennis O' Neil at Palomar College
Becoming Human Paleoanthropology, Evolution and Human Origins
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook Human Origins by Paul Halsall at Fordham U.
Evolution - Berkeley USA
Evolution by PBS - Don't miss it
The Descent of Man, AUSTRALIA
A Four Part Radio Series and a Website on neo-Darwinism, Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

ancient world (to the fall of Western Roman Empire)
Venice Charter on Building Restoration Principles @wikipedia
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook by Paul Halsall at Fordham U.
On Mesopotamia, Egypt, Persia, Greece, Rome.
Ancient World Mapping Center, USA
Barrington Atlas of the greek and roman world
Welcome to Odyssey Online!! Ancient Civilizations for children USA project
Resources for teachers
CHINA (see #chinese)
Kamat's Potpourri Timeline of India
PBS - Egypt's Golden Empire
The House of Ptolemy Index Page
Roman Empire Net
Links, Timeline by unknown author. Byzantium is included as the Eastern Roman Empire.
The Roman Empire clickable map by J. Vanderspoel, U. of Calgary CANADA
Roman Emperors - The Imperial Index Byzantine Emperors
Internet Ancient History Sourcebook Studying Ancient History
Excellent Fordham U. Paul Halsall project.
Greek history, and archaeological museums in Greece: IN MY GREEK HISTORY PAGE.
Mythology, World
Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
Encyclopedia Mythica
Biblioteca Arcana

middle times (to Renaissance)
Mediaeval Sourcebook Introduction Fordham University Paul Halsall
Mediaeval Course Fordham University
Labyrinth Mediaeval Studies

new times
Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Excellent Fordham U. by Paul Halsall.
EuroDocs links on historical documents
Encyclopedia of Marxism
World War I - Trenches on the Web by Mike Iavarone
Guardian Newspaper: Century Events from 1899 to 1999 GB

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