Stille Nacht
in many languages and styles

...we hear it in german,
classic style with chorus...
by the St Thomas Boy Choir.flv youtube
...we hear it in english...
by Sinéad O'Connor.flv and the Westlife tudou
by the Carpenters youtube
by Aled Jones, young.flv with the Royal College of Music Chamber Choir and Aled Jones, older. youtube a gospel...
by the divine Mahalia Jackson.flv, in 1961. youtube signlanguage...
by the Schattensprache (shadow language) youtube
...and many more languages.
in french
by the exquisite Mireille Mathieu and her little friend, with subtitles in french and english. youtube
in gaelic
by Enya.flv youtube
in greek
by Anna Vissi.flv youtube

katerina sarri webtopos Athens, Greece, 17 DEC 2007. update 2010. Nacht