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Triantafyllidis Institute

Greek-to-Greek dictionary. Reliable. For modern greek words, not names or placenames. No ancient greek. (for ancient greek use GreekDict@perseus)
The printed book: my bibliographic record {D.G.T.}
online at Includes: in greek: definitions, examples. Also: Phonetic IPA represntation, brief Etymology, and a link (dead for my computer) to inflection style. Here: I have redone it for you: Triantafyllides.Dict.Tables
script: greek monotonic & for ancient words in etymology, script greek polytonic. For pronunciation: script IPA. For navigation: options greek/english not visible at address bar: greekLang/el/ & greekLang/en/, Audio: none.
Careful: the pronunciation in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is slightly modified. See in greek only.
If you can not type greek fonts. Just COPY PASTE your word. Then click GO on the page. The Enter from your keyboard will NOT work.
Name: Triantafyllidis/Triantafyllides. Address as in 2017: They have not added a thing for years now. I lost hope that they will translate the Information part in english, just because it is not in the printed book.
lemma example: for the word: drama COPY-PASTE: δράμα

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