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eng.n: exercise
sing: the exercise [ˈeksəsɑɪz]
pl: the exercises.
fre.n.m: exercice [ɛgzɛʀˈsis]
sing: l'exercice [lɛgzɛʀˈsis].
pl: les exercices [lezɛgzɛʀˈsis]
ger.n.f: Übung
sing: Übung
pl: Übungen
in music
When referring to piano exercises, we usually use the french word 'exercice'.
e.g: fre: 'Des exercices au piano' = eng: 'Exercises for the piano'.
Example of piano exercises:
By Hanon.
By Brahms.
By Liszt.
By Creston.

katerina sarri, athens, 2008.10.25.