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Katerina Sarri, in 2000
Sarri, in 2000
KATERINA SARRI, PIANIST, Athens, Greece. STUDIED: piano at the Athens Conservatoire, postgraduate pianoforte at the Royal Academy of Music in London, philosophy at the University of Athens & an unfinished PHD. RESEARCH: piano curriculum issues, piano teaching in Greece, the psychological peculiarities of piano instruction. MAIN RÉPERTOIRE: Beethoven, Schumann, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel, Moussorgsky, Prokofieff. RECITALS (1981‑2011): in England, and at several cities in Greece. RECORDINGS: A few recordings for National Greek TV and Radio 3, and BBC Radio 4. HAS WORKED FOR: National Greek TV (E.R.T.) for 20 years, presenting classical music programmes and competitions for the greek participation to the European Union Youth Orchestra (E.U.Y.O.) and the Eurovision Young Soloist Award. Also worked for Music House Ph. Nakas. Teaches piano and paedagogy classes. Author of piano educational books.

educational scores for piano beginners

Katerina Sarri, Games at the Piano in greek.
Ph. Nakas pub., 1st edition: 1995
ISBN 960-290-237-X
The magnificent illustrations: by
Nikos Maroulakis.
Accompanied by parent/teacher guide.
A very first contact with music,
the piano, rhythm, music notation.
An aid and companion to any Method the teacher chooses,
introducing every new element in a playful, enjoyable way.

Katerina Sarri, Games with Scales and Arpeggios in greek.
Ph. Nakas pub., 1st edition: 1995
ISBN 960-290-238-8
Includes theory elements, multiple choice exercises.
Introduction to all scales in an easier-to-difficult order and their triadic and tetradic chords. Includes keyboard charts for very young children, as well as music notation. Curriculum: up to two-octave scales and arpeggios.


The Anna Magdalena Bach Album of 1725
Ph. Nakas pub., editor: Katerina Sarri. 1st edition: 1989
ISBN 960-290-004-0
Introduction & footnotes in english and greek.
Urtext: black, editing: in grey
The authentic Urtext and order of pieces. All editing markings in grey. Research was done by Sarri in the Library of University of London, & the National Sound Archive, GB, using the Neue Bach Ausgabe. Some of the Wilhelm Friedmann pieces are included.


It started it as a pastime in 2000, with one page about Greece, just to reply to some internet-friends who asked for information for their trip here.
In the meantime, my friend Esin encouraged me, taught me, and here i am with more pages than i can manage.
Updates until 2010.


MUSICSTORY The story of music (10+ years old).
Introduces young students to composers and their era. The most important moments of history and art from prehistoric times till the 1950s. The photos and music examples are chosen carefully as they imprint the very first impression that will follow students at their future life.

My music notes compiled, organized, available to my students

My music database of the last 20 years was gradually scanned, recorded and saved in my PC. Audio, video, scores, articles, glossary, piece by piece analysis, rehearsing strategies... all my personal notes from my practicing and teaching sessions.
Size: 7 T.

PIANOSYLLABUS (for piano teachers)
The syllabus for piano teaching presented in four chapters:
preliminary, lower, intermediate and advanced level

Lists of pieces are presented for every level as required by greek conservatoires (also, reference to the british and other european examination boards). The piano works are graded by difficulty and a few notes explain the character of each piece and its importance as an educational tool.

CDROM series: MY FIRST MEETING WITH... (in greek, for young piano students)
The very fist contact with composers BACH, MOZART, HAYDN, MENDELSSOHN, BEETHOVEN et al. Images, music, easy pianoforte pieces in pdf, short teacher's notes.
e.g. Hanon companion, how to teach young pianists Silent Night, My first Baroque, etc.