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Katerina Sarri, pianist, Athens, Greece
Kατερίνα Σαρρή

My internet odyssey

Here uploaded, is a small portion of my archives. From the vastness of the web and the abyss of search engines, I chose links and material. They are the result of long journeys, at a time when wikipedia did not exist.
...in english and in greek
pages for students and visitors...
Greece through a native's eyes. Travellers' information, history, culture, music.
greek language and alphabet
Alphabet and pronunciation. Each letter's story is an adventure of many centuries.
μoυσική  music
Classical music, links, the piano. Greek music too.
Syllabi and handouts for my students of piano and piano paedagogy classes.
λoγoτεχνία  greek literature
Literature, favourite poems word to word in International Phonetic symbols.
βoηθήματα   appendix
Bibliography, abbreviations, links, tools and gadgets...
πρoσωπικά   personal
A few words about my parents and me.

Ariadne's Thread in the Web labyrinth

The date today: isotropic.org
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Pronunciation of english words = always british, unless otherwise marked.
Greek script = always monotonic, unless polytonic (scr.poly) is marked.
[...] pronunciation: I write phonetics with the symbols of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) in brackets (fonts used: Arial Unicode MS).
[mɑɪ ˈneɪm ɪz kateˈrina saˈri] Note that the stress-accent comes before the stressed syllable.
{...} bibliographic reference.

My first page was created in 2000.
My friend Esin introduced me to the magical HTML writing.
I also thank Boz, my guru in bridge and computers.
And, of course, all the script-authors who offer their nice gadgets so generously on the web.

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