my sources for my greek-language pages

To write my greek-alphabet pages, I relied on the following sources: (see at my bibliography)
*for ERASMIC PRONUNCIATION (which was totally unknown to me)
the excellent {@berkeley.L.GA.} Berkley Ancient Greek Tutorials.
you may visit {@ilsp.L.G.} Filoglossia by ILSP, Greece.
Most anglophones do not relate to the International Phonetic Alphabet (I.P.A.). They pronounce <i> as /ai/ instead of /i/ (ee), <e> as /i/ instead of /e/, and so on. Hence, the complete chaos of transliterations in the numerous sites and links I have checked in the Web. Still, I decided to use the IPA symbols as presented by IPA, International Phonetic Association.
See my pronunciation - ipa guides
1) Phonetics for greek language: I consulted the greek monolingual {D.G.T.} Dictionary of Common Neohellenic - Triantafyllides.
My IPA for GREEK is a list of the IPA symbols for the greek language only.
2) Phonetics for english language (english and american): I consulted the english monolingual {D.E.O.} Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English
2a. How to write english phonetics:
Russell, Kevin. Phonetics course. < retr.2005, obsolete 2007.
IPA transcription systems for English by J. C. Wells
3) Phonetics for french language: I consulted the french-to-greek dictionary {D.FG.K.} Kauffmann.
*For THE EVOLUTION OF GREEK LETTERS AND LANGUAGE I checked the following monolingual greek books:
1) The excellent {ELIA.hg.} History of Greek, ELIA publications.
2) The monumental {hristidis.h.} History of Greek of Antiquity, editor: A.F. Christides.
*for GREEK VOCABULARY The following greek monolingual dictionaries:
{D.G.b.} by prof. Babiniotis
{D.G.T.} by Triantafyllides Foundation publications, also online.
*for GREEK GRAMMAR, ANCIENT The following greek grammars:
Concise (my old good school-grammar) {tzartzanos.Ga.G.} by Dzardzanos.
More detailed {stamatakos.Ga.G.} Historical Grammar by Stamatakos
*for GREEK GRAMMAR, MODERN The following greek grammars:
my school grammar: the Neohellenic Grammar by Manolis Triantafyllides we used at school (still in use, published by the Ministry of Education of Greece). You may download various grammars and school books (all in greek) from the Paedagogical Institue site, at and
*for LATIN LANGUAGE The following greek books
*For the history of alphabets, scripts
various sites and online encyclopaedias.

Please, keep in mind, that I am NOT a philologist or a teacher. But the books I recommend are widely known in Greece. For more information, please contact University departments, also check their syllabi and bibliographies.

katerina sarri, athens, links checked in Aug 2007.