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Filis SarrisAnna Sarri
Filis Sarris and Anna Gertsou-Sarri
Athens, Greece

DAD: Philis (or Filis) Sarris 1926-2005 was the guru of us all. His origins were from Arcadia and Nafplio. Has worked as a lawyer in Athens. His readings, his writings, his wide interests, his unfading alertness are still a constant source of inspiration. His writings include poems since he was 17 years old and essays on political, social and interdisciplinary subjects.
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MOM: Anna Gertsou-Sarri 1936-2011: born in Istanbul, lived in Athens, was a writer. Also, has worked as a teacher of english. Her talent was always there, and developed during my upbringing. She wrote fiction mainly greek-history focused for children and teenages. Her texts were included in school books and some of the awards she has won are the greek-turkish friendhsip award in memory of Abdi İpekçi Prize and the National Children's Book Award twice.
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Filis Sarris
Anna Gertsou-Sarri at Kedros and Patakis Publishers
Filis Sarris, Is Eaphton
Eις Eαυτόν,
Mediatations, 1992 lang:greek
An anthology of his poems
from the 40s
to the 60s.
Pitsilos Publ.
Anna Gertsou-Sarri, M' Enandious Anemous
Μ' ενάντιους ανέμους
With Adverse Winds, 1996 lang:greek.
Novel about Domna Visvizi, a captainess of 1821 revolution.
Her childhood at Aenos, adolescence, marriage,
her battle years and her struggle for a better life in the aftermath of the liberating war.
Filis Sarris, Ellinikes Metallaxes
Ελληνικές Μεταλλάξεις
Greek Metallaxes, 1989 lang:greek
means 'transmutation', literally: 'after-change'.
Sarris' insight and observations on greek politics from Eleftherios Venizelos to Andreas Papandreou.
Livanis Publ.
Anna Gertsou-Sarri, Xastero
Ksastero, 1986 lang:greek
Novel for young readers telling the life story of her father. Ksastero/Xastero was his village at Eastern Thrace.
The book won the 1987 Abdi İpekçi Award and was included in the 1988 IBBY List.
Filis Sarris, Ypologistis Aftos o Agnostos
Υπολογιστής Αυτός ο άγνωστος
Computer the Unkown, 1987 lang:greek
(It was unknown especially to some very reluctant members of the greek public when he wrote the book!)
Aurora Publ.
Anna Gertsou-Sarri, To Kokkino tis Anatolis
Το Κόκκινο της Ανατολής
The Eastern Red, 1991 lang:greek
The novel's background is the greek village Ambelakia and its Cooperative (one of the first ones in Europe), producing red textiles.
Novel for young readers. 1992 National Children's Book Award
pub: Kedros, repr: Patakis.
Anna Gertsou-Sarri, Droloulites
Drosoulites, 2000 lang:greek
Novel about the mirage phaenomenon of Drosoulites cavalry appearing in Crete's Frangocastello interwoven with the heroin's personal quest for the true, sincere meaning of life.
Anna Gertsou-Sarri, I Alli Phoni
Η άλλη φωνή
The other voice, 2005 lang:greek
Novel for young readers. 2005 National Children's Book Award
A young girl's problems during her last school year. Her parents' expectations, her classmates, everyone around her, and an inner voice inside her that guides her in spite of all.
More Books by Anna Gertsou-Sarri (links are for cover-images)
For children
Από το Ένα ως το Δέκα, 1980
Apo to Ena os to Deka lang:greek. (eng: From One to Ten)
A young boy describes the residents of the ten flats of the building he lives in.
1980 Cover and illustrations by Nina Stamatiou
1996 5thedition Cover and illustrations by Evi Tsaknia
Σπίτι δίχως αυλή
Spiti dixos Avli lang:greek. (House without Garden)
Michaella Averoff Prize
A family moves from its village to Athens. The young son faces the city-life.
1982 ed. Cover and illustrations by Leda Varvaroussi
1987 ed. Cover and illustrations by Evi Tsaknia
SERIES on ANCIENT GREEK MUSICIANS: 1st edition by A.S.E. Pub., reprint by Kedros Pub.
Απόλλων lang:greek (Apollon)
The first music competition of god Apollo (playing the lyre) and human Marsyas (playing the aulos).
first edition by ASE, 1989 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Apollo Marsyas by Kedros pub.,1996 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Ερμής lang:greek. (Hermes)
God Hermes starts his life with numerous tricks. He loves music and he steals...
first edition by ASE, 1989 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Hermes Amphion by Kedros pub.,1996 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Ορφέας lang:greek. (Orpheus/Orfeas)
The ultimate performer of the lyre defeats Death with the sweetness of his music... but...
first edition by ASE, 1989 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Orfeas by Kedros pub.,1996 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Αρίων lang:greek. (Arion)
He is not a god, but his talent is godly. He mesmerizes dolphins and humans.
first edition by ASE, 1990 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Arion by Kedros pub.,1996 Cover and illustrations by Yiorgos Stathopoulos
Πίνδαρος lang:greek (Pindar)
wrote poems to honour olympic winners, athletes. His life.
Kedros Pub., 2000 Cover and illustrations by Chrestos Demou
Σαπφώ lang:greek. (Sappho/Sapfo)
Her life and work.
Kedros Pub., 2000 Cover and illustrations by Chrestos Demou
translations from english to greek
Terry on the Fence by Bernard Ashley → Ο Τέρι στο φράχτη. Pub: Kedros, 1984
There are no Tigers in Africa by Norman Silver &rarrl Δεν υπάρχουν τίγρεις στην Αφρική. Pub: Patakis, 1992
Narnia: Silver Throne and Narnia: The Last Battle by K.S. Lewis → Νάρνια: Ο Ασημένιος Θρόνος & Η Τελευταία Μάχη. Pub: Kedros, 1995, 1996
Holes by Lewis Seichar → Τρύπες. Pub: Patakis, 2000
Kites in the Night by M.E. Kerr → Χαρταετοί της νύχτας. Pub: Patakis, 1994
The Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer → Η Θάλασσα των Τρολλ. Pub: Patakis, 2005
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