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Places I love: Athens, my city: AΘHNA (athena)
Aθήνα is pronounced in mod.greek: [a`θina]
but her goddess Aθηνά is pronounced [aθi`na].
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Not exactly what you would call a beautiful city. Terrible traffic too. But I cannot help loving some of its spots and corners. Athenian lifestyle is fun: we meet our friends, drink our coffees, we go to the cinema, love theatre, practically dwell in tavernas, love staying up late. We also love chatting and debating all the time. When you hear the athenians quarrel over a small matter in the streets, you may recognize democracy's old roots: the loftiest point of human interaction is disagreeing!!! The last decades, many newcomers are becoming an integral part of athenian population.
How do I love thee, Athens? Here is the answer (while listening to the music of Hadjidakis Gioconda's smile youtube 10. Dance with my shadow ), at the lovely introduction intro.mp4 by the architects of Discovering Contemporary Architecture, Athens at
When asking questions about your destination: do not be astonished at the variety of answers and vivid discussion that will start among the greeks. They are determined to answer even if they do not have a clue. So, I urge you to get a map of Athens (Athens map links).
The Athens Métro is easy to use, you can also buy here a 24-hour ticket for any transportation medium. You buy a ticket (= ee-ssee-'tee-ree-o ) from main stations.
About Taxis: you SHOUT your destination at any taxi, occupied or not, you never know, you may be lucky: taxi drivers in Greece take you where THEY want. BEFORE taking a taxi, ask someone on the estimated maximum price of your route.
Athens of our dreams

and Athens of our reality

I am not exactly a sight-seeing-lover. But living in a city with an ancient heritage, gives me the feeling that sites and monuments are parts of my natural environment. I love the smile of the young kouri and korae at the Acropolis Museum. Every time I visit them, life smiles to me again...
The National Archaeological Museum, feels like home. I stroll among human gods and godly humans, then blissfully sip my coffee at the café outside the museum, re-assured that after all, the world is heading to a triumphant, peaceful and wonderful future.
Isn't this why you came to Athens, after all?
So, I made a page for it...
we take a coffee at the garden of
the national museum

the 'Holy Rock'

Athens beyond the Acropolis
More sightseeing: Athens sites
Very few people visit the other important temple standing just under the Acropolis, in the ancient Agora (market). It is the delightful temple of Hephaestus or just Thesion.
My choices from Athens Museums.
Just stroll around:
Visit the wonderful Callimarmaro Stadium which hosted the 1896 olympics. Then, walk up the road at Herodou Atticou Street and take your morning coffee at the tiny café opposite the president's residence. Then, cross the Gardens towards the Parliament (perhaps you will see the change of guards at Unknown Hero tomb there, it is fun). Then, walk down to Ermou street straight to Plaka old neighbourhood, under the Acropolis hill.
Plaka is an old romantic neighbourhood:
Here you can drink your 'ouzo' (be brave!) with some 'meze' (various kinds of simple food to accompany it) or 'souvlaki' at a nice taverna (I like 'Platanos' at Diogenous street. Lots of shops at the Monastiraki Flea Market.
Just be lazy:
Another place to go to is the Lycabettus Hill: a small téléphérique train will take you up to the top. It is a nice place to drink your nes-café-frappé in a hot summer day and enjoy being lazy...
Athenians love the night: may just go to an open air summer cinema (I love those).
...or attend a concert or drama at the Herodion (Irodio) roman odeon under the Acropolis.
Athens Festival during September.
...finish your day like a true athenian: taverna again!
Of course, there are more spots or suburbs you could visit, but if I were you, I would just hop in a flying dolphin from Zea little port (in Piraeus area) and take a day's excursion to the lovely island of Hydra (less than an hour to get there). I guess that after all this, you can leave Athens and go to your favourite destinations:
...continued at my PLACES ALL OVER GREECE
summer open-cinemas
surrounded by jasmin

attend a concert at Herodion
built by Herodes Atticus

our day ends with
food at a small tavernaki