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The Islands
One may spend years visiting them. Each one has its own different, unique character. One thing in common: the big blue (nickname for the sea's wonderful colour) and that unique light...
Greek Island Synopsis by Matt Barrett
* Hydra pronounced [`iδra] is very close to Athens. Lovely. NO CARS THERE. by Matt Barrett
is a whole world of its own, one needs days to discover it, meet the Cretans (often talking in their lovely rhyming verses) and drink 'tsikoudia' with them. Knossos is the ancient palace of king Minos. I would not stay at the nearby city of Heraclion, but rather go to the picturesque port of Hania city.
Crete by wikipedia
Crete by Matt Barrett
Walking and Cycling in Crete by Peter Thomson GB
* Western Sea Islands
* Corfu is what foreigners call our Kerkyra. I love it. All islands at the western sea: Ionion Pelagus are more Italian-like, quite different from the aegean islands.
Corfu by Matt Barrett
Corfu by wikipedia
Old Town of Corfu UNESCO
* South-eastern islands: the Dodecanese (=12 islands)
* Rhodes is Rodos with its mediaeval castle and the village of Lindos are probably the most visited places in Greece, for good reason, they are lovely.
Rhodes by Matt Barrett
Rhodes in middle times
* Cyclades: The typical aegean theme is HERE: 'blue sea-rocky islands-white houses'.
There are so many islands to pick from: good thing is you can hop from one to the other. Best way is of course a small sailing boat, but I always go there on the usual liner-boat, that is fine too. I cannot possibly give you some of my favourites!!! I would be unfair to all the others... Simply drift from one to the other, exploring beaches and villages!
Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens at ATHENS MUSEUMS
Cyclades by Matt Barrett
cycladic islands in the ancient times
the unavoidable image...


cycladic edolia
the ancient statuettes from Cyclades

northern greece
Salonica or Thessaloniki [θesalo`nici] is the capital.
Thessaloniki in byzantine times
Macedonia prefecture
Museums of Macedonia Prefecture
NOTE ON A NAME: Macedonia is the name of the northern prefecture of Greece. Makedonia is also a country at the northern borders of greece. The ancient macedonian region was split in three, after the Ottoman times: the greek, the bulgarian and the ex-yugoslavian part. The yugoslavian became an independent country.
* Vergina, near Thessaloniki: At Vergina you can see the findings of archaeologist Manolis Andronicos: apparently, Philippos' II tomb (he was Alexander's dad). Exquisite wall paintings!! The golden pieces are lovely. They used to be exhibited in the Thessaloniki Museum, but now, they are back to Vergina!
Vergina and Andronikos: ancient tombs of Philippos II
* Chalkidiki peninsula has wonderful beaches.
Chalkidiki by wikipedia
* Mount ATHOS: If you are a MAN, and fond of religious things, you may visit Mount Athos which is a state of monks living in very old monasteries. Last woman to go there is said to be Christ's mother, Maria (we call her 'Panaghia' which means 'totally holy'). Since then, no other female is allowed to enter the area.
Hagion Oros - Athos
Thessalonice, White Tower

capital Thessaloniki, Vergina near it
and Athos peninsula

Central Greece
* Meteora is a breathtaking place with huge rocks and monasteries on top of them... I believe, James Bond had some trouble there in one of the 007 films!.... I also visit Metsovo for a day or two. It is an exquisite example of mainland greek village, all houses built in stone.
Meteora in byzantine and new times
* Pelio (Pilio) Mountain Area! My most favourite destination! The mountains of the Centauri, with some of the loveliest greek villages, forests, beaches at the coasts, all in one small peninsula near the city of Volos.
* DELPHI (I guess you know a bit about this ancient oracle and Pythia that gave all these dubious prophecies to her international guests: greeks, persians, romans, etc.). The wonderful Charioteer HNIOXOΣ is here! You may eat your fish at Galaxidi and spend your night at Arachova, a nice nearby village (in winter it is a fashionable ski resort).
Delphi in ancient times
Meteora means: meteors

Meteora and Metsovo
mountain Pelio, Delphi

Southern mainland: the Peloponnesus
* Epidaurus theatre and Asclepius sanctuary
Epidaurus is my favourite place in Greece. Summer Fridays and Saturdays you can watch ANCIENT DRAMA at the theatre, then drive to nearby tavernas, or to the pretty city of Nafplio which was Greece's first capital for a very brief period (and my paternal grandmother's birthplace).
Epidaurus in ancient times
* Olympia is worth-visiting for obvious reasons! The place where the olympics took place every four years. The site is peaceful, astonishingly humble. Run the 100 metre sprint at the original track!!! Also, do not forget the Museum where the lovely Hermes by Praxiteles resides!
Olympia in ancient times
* Monemvassia is a lovely frankish castle.
* Mystras the byzantine city, not inhabited, with its houses and churches still standing.
* Mani at the middle southern peninsula is loved my many: bare, rocky land of untamed people. Patrick Leigh Fermor has written the excellent Mani inspired by it.
Mani peninsula by wikipedia
Bon voyage!
Mystras, the byzantine ghost city

NEast:Olympia, NWest:Epidaurus
southCentral:Mystras, SWest:Monemvassia