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cretan poetry 16th century
EPΩTOKPITOΣ [ero`tokritos] by Vincenzos Kornaros
Not very long ago, all cretans, in villages and cities could recite all this poetic theatre-drama by heart. Some of the elders, still do. Seferis has written a memorable introduction to the work. The language of EROTOKRITOS is mystifying, very idiosyncratic. I'd say it is impossible to translate.
Vitsentzos Kornaros by wikipedia
Vincenzo Kornaros 1553-1613 by Athens College in greek only
folk poetry of 15-18th century
It would be useful to point out here, that greek folk poems are mostly inseparable from their music, and dance. Only when I tried to dance and sing them I really enjoyed their beauty. Listening to them, or just reading them, is a passive attitude which is very alien to folk art.
Book by Roderich Beaton: Folk Poetry of Modern Greece (I hope it is good, I haven't read it). Check EXCERPTS and CONTENTS in .pdf format by Cambridge University Press.
greek-revolution times
BYRON - BYPΩN 1788-1824 gre:[`viron]
Poet. Byron wrote in english, of course. But in the hearts of the greeks, he is BYPΩN, not [b`airon]. Parents give his name to their children. His poems, translated, are taught at school and he is considered a greek par excellence.
George Gordon Byron by wikipedia
SOLOMOS: the national poet - ΔIONYΣIOΣ ΣOΛΩMOΣ 1798-1857 [δio`nisios   solo`mos]
Apart from his poetic merits, we also owe to him the consolidation of Demotic greek language for the centuries to come.
QUOTES: The nation must learn to consider 'national' what is true. Το έθνος πρέπει να μάθει να θεωρεί εθνικόν ό,τι είναι Αληθές. source: [Στοχασμός του ποιητή. Προλεγόμενα Ιάκωβου Πολυλά], XVI. Ποιήματα. Ίκαρος, 1961. 39.
more of his quotes in greek by
Dionysios Solomos by wikipedia
Dionyssios Solomos at the Foundation of Hellenic World History Site
Listen to his poems at in greek.
One of his poems became the national anthem of greece. (Hymn to Liberty by wikipedia). The Hymn to liberty became the national anthem of Greece. Music by Nicolaos Mantzaros.
L'histoire de l'Hymne national grec. Montreal CANADA in french
Free Besieged, Second Schetch in greek
Solomos: a students project at Athens College in greek
CALVOS the fiery poet - ANΔPEAΣ KAΛBOΣ 1792-1867 [an`δreas `kalvos]
Poet of Odes. His only work is this collection. An absolute genius.
Kalvos by wikipedia
Andreas Kalvos by Alice Katsavou
Andreas Kalvos for students at Athens College gr in greek only
REGAS - PHΓAΣ ΦEPAIOΣ BEΛEΣTINΛHΣ 1757-assassinated 1798 [`riγas fe`reos velestin`lis]
Regas Velestinlis, a Vlach from town Velestino also called Ferae, hence Feraeos was a revolutionary mind, envisioned a United States of Balkans, wrote poems and revolutionary texts (in greek), was finally exterminated. You can see him at the 10cent greekversionEURO coin.
Rigas Feraios @wikipedia
Rigas Velestinlis Fereos by Alice Katsavou
Rhegas Pheraios 1757-1798 by Athens College project for students in greek only
MAKRYIANNIS - MAKPYΓIANNHΣ 1797-1864 [makri`jianis]
Captain and general of the Revolution of 1821, Makryiannis was an illiterate merchant who learned how to read and write in order to secretely record his mémoires. They are considered a monument of the spoken greek language.
Mémoires by Makryiannis tr. by Rick M Newton (excerpt in english)
about Theophilos and Makryyiannis by FHW
ENAΣ EΛΛHNAΣ A greek: Makryiannis by Yiorgos Seferis, in greek
post revolution times
PAPADIAMANTIS - AΛEΞANΔPOΣ ΠAΠAΔIAMANTHΣ 1851-1911 [a`leksanδros   papaδjia`mandis]
Writer of novels and short stories. Probably one of the greatest writers ever. It is a pitty that I cannot find online translations.
TRIBUTE by Protoporeia in greek

Painting by Georgios Roilos (1867-1928) 'The Poets' (c.1919) oil on canvas, 130x179cm. Philological Institute 'Parnassos', Athens, Greece.
Poets of the '1880 generation' of greek literature. In the middle, Palamas leaning on his hand. All persons depicted from left to right: Georgios Stratigis, Georgios Drosinis, Ioannis Polemis, Kostis Palamas, Georgios Souris (the satirical poet) and Aristomenis Provelengios reading a poem.
source Image greekwikipedia
PALAMAS: the father of a generation - KΩΣTHΣ ΠAΛAMAΣ 1859-1943 [ko`stis pala`mas]
Poet Kostis Palamas: Not only with his poems but also with his vast literary work, he cultivated and created standards for the contemporary greek language. He is also, the author of the poem that is today the Olympic Anthem.
RECITE the Olympic Anthem
SIKELIANOS the olympian - AΓΓEΛOΣ ΣIKEΛIANOΣ 1884-1951 [`aŋɟelos siceʎa`nos]
He revived the Delphi ancient festivities and the greek drama, which until his time was read but not performed. For Palamas' funeral he composes and recites his famous poem: [s af`to to `feretro akum`ba i el`aδa] (eng:upon this coffin Greece leans)
Sikelianos by wikipedia
Sikelianos BIO at by Niki Diamanti in greek
Nikos Kazantzakis -writes about the death of Sikelianos
March of the Spirit: melopoeia (=put to music) by Theodorakis Oratoria at
KAVAFIS the Alexandrine - KΩNΣTANTINOΣ KABAΦHΣ 1863-1933 [konstan`dinos   ka`vafis]
The mystifying poet. (Cavafy, Cavafis, Kavafy) (Check the section CANON first). Translated from greek to english by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard. The site includes multiple translations, and a huge archive.
the portal in greek
Listen to his poems at in greek.
Introduction to Kavafis by books and writers
Cavafy by wikipedia
Cavafy's world. Exhibition
His manuscripts in images by
Constantine Cavafy (Kavafis) by M Lachanas Translations of poems in many languages.
Cavafy's poems enlgish-greek in same page
EPDLP Constantin Cavafis in spanish
FILM: Cavafis Director: Iannis Smaragdis
Kavafy film by
Smaragdis by
Constantine P. Cavafy by Yiorgos Barbanis greek - english
Further reading:
ARTICLE C. P. Cavafy, a poet in history by Joseph Epstein
Modern Greek C. P. Cavafy Chair at Michigan U. USA
VIZYINOS - ΓEΩPΓIOΣ BIZYHNOΣ or VIZYENOS 1849-1896 [je`orjios vizii`nos]
Novels, short stories. Look for My mother's sin.
XENOPOULOS - ΓPHΓOPIOΣ ΞENOΠOYΛOΣ 1867-1951 [γri`γorios kse`nopulos]
Mainly theatre, novels. Also, very good critique. Many articles.
Xenopoulos: theatre writer. museum in Zakynthos island
KAZANTZAKIS - NIKOΣ KAZANTZAKHΣ (1885 - 1957) [`nikos   kazan`dzakis]
The writer that did not receive a Nobel. Author of the legendary novel Zorba.
Nikos Kazantzakis: biography
Nikos Kazantzakis by Society of Cretan Historical Studies in english and greek
Introduction to Nikos Kazantzakis: An essay by Lewis Owen
Films of his novels
Nikos Kazantzakis in
Sikelianos Kazantzakis and Varnalis by FHW
Kazantzakis. From the introduction to Report to Greco photo is of Varnalis, not Kazantazkis
Nikos Kazantzakis - by Niki Diamanti extensive site in greek
Nikos Kazantzakis - Contents by Niki Diamanti in greek
on Zorbas:
Nikos Kazantzakis - Zorbas click to see his photo: The real original Yiorgos Zorbas page in greek
FILM: Alexis Zorbas (1964) the life of Yiorgos Zorbas Film by Cacoyiannis @imdb
Zorbas flim music by Theodorakis.
1887-1922. prose: Criticism on Chatzopoulos Theotokis and Voutyras by FHW
1923-1940 INTERWAR writers and their photos by FHW
KARYOTAKIS the pessimist - KΩΣTAΣ KAPYΩTAKHΣ 1896-sui.1928 [`kostas karjio`takis]
Poet Kostas Kariotakis.
Karyotakis by wikipedia
kariotakis photo
in greek only: Karyotakis Poems
Karyotakis at arcadia personalities in greek
Karyotakis Theodorakis by Guy Wagner in german
SEFERIS - ΓIΩRΓOΣ ΣEΦEPHΣ 1900-1971 [jiorγos se`feris]
Poet Yiorgos (George) Seferis, Nobel 1963.
Denial, by Seferis word-to-word
RITSOS - ΓIANNHΣ PITΣOΣ 1909-1990 [`jianis `ritsos] -
Poet Yiannis Ritsos, Lenin Order 1977.
Yannis Ritsos by wikipedia
Three poems of Yiannis Ritsos from The negatives of silence
Many of his poems were put to music by Theodorakis
About Epitaphios-Yiannis Ritsos at and some translations
Epitaffio - Le Poesie at in italian
Epitaphios Theodorakis- Musik by Guy Wagner in german
Romiossini - Entstehung Theodorakis Guy Wagner in german
Ritsos Theodorakis Romiosisni by Guy Wagner in french
ELYTIS - OΔYΣΣEAΣ EΛYTHΣ 1911-1996 [oδi`seas   e`litis]
Poet Odysseas Elytis, Nobel 1979 or Odysseus Elytes, Elitis. Pseudonym for Odysseas Alepoudelis.
Introduction to Elitis by books and writers
Elytis by wikipedia
Elytis Nobel Literature 1979
Elytis and bilingual poems (eng-gre) in one page by
His work: Aksion Esti (eng=worthy it is) was put to music by Theodorakis, as well as many of his poems.
Oratoria at
POEM from Aksion Esti: The language they gave me, in greek
TSIRKAS - ΣTPATHΣ TΣIPKAΣ 1911-1980 [stra`tis `tsirkas]
Harvard Review on Tsirkas by Athena Andreadis
VASSILIKOS - BAΣIΛHΣ BAΣIΛIKOΣ (1934-) [va`silis vasili`kos]
Author of the famous novel Zeta, film by Costas Gavras. Presentor of literature programmes on national greek TV.
More poets
List of modern greek poets by wikipedia Check: Maria Polydouri (the companion of Karyotakis), Varnalis, Engonopoulos, Gatsos, Empeirikos, Karouzos, Anagnostakis and Kavadias: the poet of the seven seas!
K. OURANIS at arcadia personalities in greek
SKARIMBAS, YIANNIS: poems in greek at Agelos Perdikouris page
1923-1940 INTERWAR surrealism Kalamaris and Embirikos by FHW
SAHTOURIS and GATSOS translated by Jon Corelis USA
On Surrealism in greek poetry by Jon Corelis USA
Nikos Kavvadias (English version) by Tefkros Symeonides CYPRUS
Nikos Kavvadias by Alice Katsavou
Nikos Kavvadias in greek
Yiorgos Sarantaris in greek only
Engonopoulos poetry at journal POETRY Greece (also check his home page at PAINTING)
Andreas Embeirikos:poet 2002 Embeirikos Year site by the Ministry of Culture
Nikos Gatsos Νίκος Γκάτσος by arcadia personalities in greek
more topics
children literature
Children Writers A to Omega for students at Athens College in greek only
Collection of greek children poetry by famous greek poets by Nikos Sarantakos in greek only
DELTA - ΠHNEΛOΠH ΔEΛTA 1874-1941 [pine`lopi `δelta]
Children's writer.
Penelope Delta 1874-1941 The children's books writer at Athens College in greek
SOURIS - ΓEΩPΓIOΣ ΣOYPHΣ 1853-1919 [je`orjios su`ris]
Satirical poetry. See him in a group portrait.
TSIFOROS - NIKOΣ TΣIΦOPOΣ 1909-1970 [`nikos tsif`oros]
Satirical writer. His Mythology is so good!
The Nikos Tsiforos Unofficial Page very good one too in greek.
modern greek philosophers
CASTORIADES - KOPNHΛIOΣ KAΣTOPIAΔHΣ 1922-1997 [kor`nilios kastori`aδis]
Marxist writer of philosophy, politics.
Kastoriadis @wikipedia
Short BIOS: Greek poets, Castoriades and Pablo. by Markos Klonizakis