Books and Films about Greece

BOOKS about Greece
What could you read before coming to Greece? We all prefer to read books that are exciting, not too academic. Books that reflect the spirit of a country.
Henry Miller: The Colossus of Maroussi, written just before World War II. Describes a Greece that is vanishing under globalization impact. But I hope the greek psyche is still close to the spirit he saw in us.
Well.. you all know ZORBA THE GREEK. Novel by writer NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS. (FILM by MIHALIS KAKOYIANNIS, music by MIKIS THEODORAKIS). What is so striking about this book is not just Kazantzakis' unparalleled talent. His main character, Alexis Zorbas, incarnates a typical greek. A little of him is hiding in the soul of every greek (more or less).
More non greek literature on Greece: Any online bookseller provides a selection. Check english writers: Lawrence Durrell and Patrick Leigh Fermor who has loved the Mani area, Crete and wrote many books on his greek adventures.
More Greek literature translated in foreign languages: This is a domain impossible to be covered here. For literature from the Ancient times till today, see my LITERATURE SECTION.
Essays, Philology: Jacqueline de Romilly is the great french hellenist and a greek par excellence. In 1995 she officially became an honourary greek citizen. Some of her lectures on greece are included in the book Rencontres avec la Grèce antique, 1995, also her book Pourquoi la Grèce?, 1992 is very nice, both books by Éditions de Fallois. Most of her books are translated from french in greek and many languages.
Travelbooks: To get to know the information needed on Greece, I think Lonely Planet is the best site to visit. Its publications are excellent too. For more, try articles about 'Greece' and 'greek' in free-online-encyclopaedias.
HISTORY: If you are interested in greek history, check all 'Foundation of Hellenic World' (F.H.W.) links in my HISTORY page. This is not a book, but probably it will be more helpful to you.
HUMOUR: Greece without tears by Vernon Vas. Elliott, is a very funny and helpful satire, with greek phrases, what to do and mainly: what not to do in Greece. V.V.E. has written a series of witty books on Greece and greek habits. Still laughing to tears...
Matt Barrett's choices on books.

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PUBLISHERS GREEK in greek and/or english, and other languages
Ekdotike Athenon S.A. - Publishing house, Athens GREECE in english and greek.Publisher: Educational Institute of the Bank of Greece.
Publishing House Melissa, Athens GREECE (specializing in art books).
in London:
Hellenic Book Service, London GB
in Athens: shops/portals Shop in Athens centre. No online sales yet (2007). Shop online and in Athens centre.

FILMS referring to Greece (see GREEK FILM DIRECTORS)
Films that could give you an insight on life in greece, the mentality of the people... My choices are:
greece of the 1950s and 1960s
Pote tin Kyriaki (Never on Sunday) (1960) (comedy) Dircetor: Jules Dassin, starring: Melina Merkouri, singing the famous Oscar song.
Stella (1955) Director: Michalis Cacoyannis, starring: Melina Mercouri.
To koritsi me ta mavra (The girl in black) (1956) Director: Michalis Cacoyannis/Kakogiannis, starring Elli Labeti.
The greek soul of Zorbas is hidding inside every greek:
ZORBA the greek (1964) Director: Michalis Cacoyannis, author: NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS, music: Mikis Theodorakis.
Political situation in greece
Z: Zeta (1969) About the assassination of MP Grigoris Lambrakis and its political impact to contemporary greek history. Director: Costas Gavras, author of book: Vassilis Vassilikos, starring: Yves Montand.
Anaparastasi (1970) Director: Thodoros Angelopoulos
Thiasos (The travelling players) (1975) Director: Theodoros Angelopoulos
greece in the 1970s and 1980s
Lufa ke paralagi (1984) Comedy. (Loufa is a funny greek word for being idle, and parallge means variation. The expression became a standard, from the film). Director: Nikos Perakis.

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