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Ancient greek texts online Table of Contents at PERSEUS PROJECT
Ancient History Sourcebook Full Texts by Paul Halsall USA
Ancient Greek Literature by M Lachanas
Cornell College Let's Review Greek! Greek Writers Easy Readings by Category.
The Little Sailing Ancient Greek Texts Download polytonic representation in ZIP by Agelos Perdikouris / alternative address
Historyforkids: ancient greek literature for children
Portland State University Greek Civilization Topics for children
Portland State University Greek authors for children. By Angela De Haven
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Latin and Greek Authors on the Web by Herman Lauvys BELGIUM
Aesop's Fables (Laura Gibbs)
Ancient Greek History on the WWW: read sources. by John R. Lenz
HERODOTUS - HPOΔOTOΣ mod.gre.pronunc: [i`roδotos]
His history of his ancient world, persian-greek wars, etc. is divided in nine (9) books called gre: 'MOYΣAI' (eng: muses). His narration is flowing and delightful, includes many stories, myths and customs of many nations.
Herodotus on the Web by Tim Spalding USA
THUCYDIDES - ΘOYKYΔIΔHΣ c.460-c.395 a.e.v. mod.gre.pronunc: [θuki`δiδis]
History of the Peloponnesian War (431-404 a.e.v.) between Sparta and Athens. Describes causes of historical events, gives excellent political analysis and presents the famous 'demegories', the speeches of great politicians. Thucydides wrote about the years up to 411 a.e.v. The remaining war-years are described by Xenophon. Famous parts of his history are: the introduction where he sets the goals of a historian, his 'archaeology', his recording of the plague, Pericles' Epitaph for the casualties of the first year, the 'pathology of civil war', the debates over the killing of the men in Lesbos, the debates over the killing of the men in Melos.
Thucidides @wikipedia
his History @wikipedia
Thucydides by Richard Hooker at Washington U. USA
translation english, typed: Pericles' Funeral Oration
translation english, typed: Thucydides @perseus
XENOPHON - ΞENOΦΩN c.431-355 a.e.v. gre: [ksseno`fon]
His works include the Hellenica that describes events of the Peloponnesian War from where Thucydides stopped, other historical works, and accounts of the teachings of the philosopher Socrates.
Xenophon @wikipedia
ARRIANUS - APPIANOΣ or Arrian. 86-146 e.v. gre: [aria`nos]
History about Alexander and his expedition to Asia.
Arrian @wikipedia
PLUTARCH - ΠΛOYTAPXOΣ or Plutarchus. c.46-120 e.v. gre: [`plutarxos]
Biographies at his BIOI ΠAPAΛΛHΛOI eng: lives parallel and various other treatises.
Plutarch @wikipedia
Philosophical thought appears for the first time around the 6th century a.e.v. in China and in Greece. See: Laozi (chinese) and presocratic philosophers (greek).
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Ancient philosophy @wikipedia (list of philosophers)
Ancient Greek Philosophy by M Lachanas
Greek Analects: greek philosophers
Greek Philosophy Archive by David K. Knox Georgia U. USA
Humbul intute Annotated links: Philosophy
Start from Thales (624-546 a.e.v.) gre:[θa`lis]. You can find a concise list of many important philosophers by group at wikipedia. Their works do not survive, apart from some fragments, small jewels of pure thought. Check Heraclitus (535-475 a.e.v.) mod.gre:[i`raklitos], Democritus (460-370 a.e.v.) mod.gre:[δi`mokritos].
Presocratic philosophy @wikipedia
PLATO - ΠΛATΩN c.428-c.348 a.e.v. gre:[`platon]
Brilliant thinker. His philosopy is presented mostly in dialogue form. He tought at Academia, a sacred place in Athens (not far away from today's Academia street).
Exploring Plato's Dialogues. Evansville
The Last Days of Socrates at
Plato by
Plato @wikipedia
ARISTOTLE - APIΣTOTEΛHΣ 384-322 a.e.v. gre:[aristo'telis]
Student of Plato, he remained in the Academy until he founded his own school: LYKEION (lyceum). His writings about almost everything and his logic-system called ORGANON (organum) dominated for long, too long, over european thought.
Aristotle by
Aristotle @wikipedia
and my personal favourite: EPICURUS - EΠIKOYPOΣ 341-270 a.e.v. gre:[e`pikuros]
Epicurus @wikipedia
list of ancient greek poets
Latin and Greek Authors on the Web by Herman Lauvys BELGIUM
epic poetry
Homer OMHPOΣ [`omiros] The Poet
Works in greek and english translation @CHICAGO HOMER project
ancient greek lyrical poetry
SAPPHO - ΣAΠΦΩ [sap`fo]
Open Directory - Arts Classical Studies Greek Sappho
Article on Sappho's poetry and transliteration of greek by J. B. Hare
The Poems of Sappho -- Index Translation Edwin Marion Cox 1925
ARCHILOCHUS - APXIΛOXOΣ [ar`x^iloxos] The shield-thrower and anti-hero!
Archilochos in greek polytonic Texts and translations by Yiannis Balanas Make sure your encoding is UTF-8 to view this page.
Drama is of course theatre, but the plays were written in poetic verse and metre.
Classical drama and theatre. University course by Mark Damen retr. 06 NOV 2007.
Drama Search: Classical Studies Database Menu Selection Open U. GB
Oxford Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama, University of Oxford
Theatre of ancient greece @wikipedia
the three tragic dramatists
AESCHYLUS AIΣXYΛOΣ mod.gre.pronunc:[es`çilos]
Aristophanes by Alice Katsavou eTexts links
contemporary performance of ancient drama
Greeks love theatre. During summers all the country's ancient theatres are packed with thousands of spectators. An average Epidaurus-event is attended by c.15 thousand people. Ancient drama is not attended only by scholars! Not at all!!! People relate to it very naturally. The old villagers of the nearby village Lygourio, who were traditionally allowed to watch dress rehearsals since the 50s are the toughest critics! The Epidaurus Festival was established in 1954, following earlier attempts for the revival of ancient drama by the poet Sikelianos at Delphi.
Documentary: Lygourio and the Ancient Theater / Yorgos Antoniou Λυγουριό και αρχαίο θέατρο / Γιώργος Αντωνίου
Drama in theatre:
Actress Katina PAXINOY, Actor: Alexis Minotis, DIRECTORS: Karolos Koun, Dimitris Rontiris. videogallery video samples.
Drama in film: Film director: Mikhalis CACOYIANNIS.
To watch a drama, the perfect place is Epidaurus. A very distant second best would be the Herodion of Athens.
If you cannot come to greece, look for the filmed production of the 1962: Electra by Sophocles, director: Dimitris Rontiris, Electra: Aspasia Papathanasiou, production: BBC.
videosample.swf-chorus at
videosample.swf-Electra: Ekectra mourning at The famous monologue with Aspasia Papathanasiou
Probably the videosamples seem a bit out of context, but I assure you that when watching the whole performance, the sensation is sublime. About Theatre
late antiquity
LOYKIANOS (Lucian) of Samosata - ΛOYKIANOΣ 125-180 e.v. [lucia`nos]
I laugh to tears reading the Dialogus of the Dead (gre: NEKPIKOI ΔIAΛOΓOI)
Lucian of Samosata by wikipedia
Lucianus works translated in english at
hellenistic texts in KOINE language
texts from the New Testament
Greek New Testament in greek GIF display by Tony Fisher Click 'SELECT A CHAPTER'.
AUDIO RECITATION IN MODERN GREEK: Recitations of religious texts (in hellenistic koine) in modern greek. I have listened to some random audio files, and the accent of the reader is very good. A little fast, but resembles a greek accent. (at alphabet and discussion on modern versus erasmic pronunciation).