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hellenistic: the english word
eng.pronunc: [ˌheləˈnɪstɪk] {@D.E.C.}
ETYM: > gre.adj.m. scr.mono: ελληνιστικός. scr.poly: ἑλληνιστικός. mod.gre.pronunc: [elinisti`kos]
hellenistic: historical period: Something that refers to or originates from hellenistic times, that is from Alexander's death (323 a.e.v.) till Rome's consolidation (31 a.e.v.). After the expansion of the hellenes (=greeks) through the conquests of Alexander, a hellenic mentality spread at many territories and different peoples.
INTRODUCTION and LINKS at my hellenistic history.
hellenistic: language is the so-called gre: koine (common). It was spoken widely from Alexander's death (323 a.e.v.) till 4th-5th centuries e.v.
Hellenistic Koine Links
Alexandria was the cultural centre of the hellenistic world.
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