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Here is an outline of greek science history through the ages.
Ancient greeks covered theoretical aspects of sciences but they never bothered to use experiments. Aristotle haunted european scientific thought for more than a thousand years. Euclides with his Elements, Archimedes were great mathematicians, and Hippocrates a great physician. All the scientific texts were condemned by the christians of the byzantine era, as 'pagan' and thankfully, the Arabs rescued and translated these texts. Through them, they were introduced to Europe.
In modern times lots of greeks were educated, some outside Greece. The ones that are famous, are the doctor Papanikolaou (who created the PAP test) and the mathematician Karatheodory.

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ancient greek technology
Daedalos and his son Icarus fly.
Talos: is he the first robot?
The Anticythera Mechanism (new research on it under way)
The tunnel of Eupalinos
Ktesibius the Alexandrine greek or aegyptian. The ancient Edison.
greek mathematics and mathematicians
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Pythagoras 569-475
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Euclid 325-265 a.e.v.
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Archimedes 287-212 a.e.v.
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Eudoxus 408-355 a.e.v.
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Hypatia c.350/370 – 415 e.v.
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middle times greek mathematics
No famous greek mathematicians. During this period, the Arabs and the Persians excell.
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KΩNΣTANTINOΣ KAPAΘEOΔΩPHΣ [konstan'dinos karaθeoδo'ri] Constantinos (Konstantine) Caratheodoris, Caratheodory
Constantin Carathéodory by wikipedia
BOOK: Constantin Caratheodory Mathematics and Politics in Turbulent Times, Georgiadou, Maria in greek only. Photos.
Caratheodory's Theorem on Constrained Optimization and Comparative Statics. by E Drandakis
Caratheodory, Constantin (1873-1950) -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography
greek astronomers (ancient)
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greek medicine and physicians
The greek word for doctor, physician is: IATPOΣ [ia`tros]. Literal translation is: eng: healer
Antiqua Medicina From Homer to Vesalius
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ASCLEPIUS - AΣKΛHΠIOΣ mod.gre: [asklipi`os] in mythical medicine
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His sanctuary at the lovely, healing Epidaurus
HIPPOCRATES - IΠΠOKPATHΣ c.460-370 a.e.v. [ipo'kratis]
Hippocratic corpus by wikipedia
Hippocratic Oath, an article in Virginia Medicina Antiqua Was it really Hippocratic??...
GALEN or GALENOS ΓAΛHNOΣ mod.gre: [γali`nos]
Galen by wikipedia
Galen, an article in Virginia Medicina Antiqua
PAPANIKOLAOU (1883-1962) (the PAP test or PAP smear)
ΓEΩPΓIOΣ ΠAΠANIKOΛAOY [je'orjios papaniko'lau] Georgios (Giorgos, Yiorgos, Yeorgios) Papanicolaou
Georgios Papanikolaou by wikipedia
Papanicolaou Society of Cytopathology
George Papanicolaou inventor of the pap smear
The fist question was popped by a greek merchant, traveller and wise man: What is the world around us made of???? His name was Thales.
Thales by wikipedia
Many ANCIENT GREEK PHILOSOPHERS, (the presocratic hylozoists, Phtyagora, Aristotle) continued the effort to answer this question.
In the middle times (byzantine) people did not wonder about the world... They thought answers were given.
In modern times, when new questions popped, new answers were given. Here are contemporary greek physicists:
NANOPOULOS (Demetris Nanopoulos 1948-)
His name is NOT a nickname. It just happens that he works on NANOTECHNOLOGY.
Dimitris Nanopoulos by M Lahanas
Dimitri Nanopulos by wikipedia
DIMITRIS HRISTODOULOU (1951-) [xristo`δulu] excelled in physics in a very early age, so he left for Princeton before finishing his school in Greece. Got his PhD when he was 19.
interview (his life, his work) to reporter Thanassis Lalas, newspaper TO BHMA (in greek)
Demetrios Christodoulou by wikipedia
Christodulu by M Lahanas
~demetri/ official site
computers and technology
Informatinon technology greeks by M Lahanas
ANTIKYTHERA MECHANISM in the Athens National Archaeological Museum
The Anticythera Mechanism by wikipedia (new research on it under way)
CTESIBIUS - KTHΣIBIOΣ the Alexandrine (greek or aegyptian). The ancient Edison.
Ktesibius the Alexandrine
Mikhalis Dertouzos (1936-2001)
Michael Dertouzos by wikipedia
Mikhalis Bletsas
Michalis Bletsas by M Lahanas
Nicholas Negroponte (1943-) Nicholas, NOT John.
Negroponte by wikipedia
city planners (poleodomoi)
HIPPODAMUS planner of Miletus.
Hippodamus by wikipedia
KONSTANTINOS DOXIADIS (1913-1975), urban planner: ecistics theory, city plans for Detroit, Islamabad, Rio de Janeiro, etc.
Constantinos Apostolos Doxiades by wikipedia
Project in greece: Aspra Spitia at
For architects, see GREEK ARTS.

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