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«the language they gave me, greek...»

It was greek to me!! exclaims Casca in Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar'. It is a difficult language. Although I am a native, I cannot claim I know it in depth. But let's not be too pessimistic. You may just wish to know a little about the language and the alphabet.
In my pages, I use the monotonic script, unless otherwise indicated.
greek language and script
Introduction at a glance. What to look for, links to simple phrases.
SHORT HISTORY of greek language and script through the ages. Greek dialects of ancient times, hellenisitc koine, byzantine, modern times demotic and katharevousa, modern dialects.
Links on greek language, dictionaries, alphabet, lessons.
greek alphabet
GREEK LETTERS symbols, IPA, sound in mp3. 24 Letters of the Greek Alphabet (also earlier abandoned letters) in Modern standard and Erasmic pronunciation in International Phonetic Alphabet. Short discussion on each letter's history. Word-examples.
and printable alphabet chart
COMBINATIONS OF GREEK LETTERS Binary combinations (diphthongs) of vowels, consonants.
DIACRITICS FOR GREEK SCRIPT Hellenistic accent marks of stress and breathing (daseia, psile, okseia, vareia, perispomeni).
example of ancient greek inscription. Easy to read!
ancient greek alphabet types (western-eastern)
chart of alphabet symbols in various ancient greek cities (.gif 422kb)
about small and capital letters (majusculae, minusculae)
greek letters as NUMBERS: greek numerals
greek letters IN SCIENCE
greek letters in ANCIENT MUSIC NOTATION [[addendum]]
greek modern: dictionary greek to greek 'Triantafyllidis online'
greek ancient: nouns. Inflection tables as in Tzartzanos' Grammar. horizontal table / vertical table (for advanced students)
phonetics and pronunciation for greek
How do we pronounce ancient greek (Erasmic and Standard pronunciations)
IPA for Greek in 3 levels (International Phonetic Alphabet symbols needed for GREEK)
A proposed system of transliteration of i.p.a characters for greek language for computer use.
transliterations of greek
A proposed system of transliteration of greek alphabet characters to latin for computer use.
A proposed system of transliteration of i.p.a characters for greek language for computer use.
'greeklish, greenglish' LINKS.
my sources
LEXICON (DICTIONARY) terms and words
dictionary greek to greek 'Triantafyllidis' links
greek fonts
detailed chart: glyphs &#...; for greek letters in .html writing
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