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greek language
So that it will not be 'greek to you'.
greek literature
Links to texts, poets and writers. A few special pages on my favourites.
greek music
Probably, you know the tunes Zorbas by Theodorakis and Never on Sunday by Hadzidakis. These were 'hits' of the 60s and have labelled greek music since then. Well, there is more...
greek art
Painting, sculpture, folklore, coins, dancers, architects, photographers, actors and directors.
folk art
folk music
folk dance
folk poetry
greek scientists
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cultural events and festivals
Culture grecque in french
Famous greeks Personal page, but nice.
I would add <> but it is full of football players.
Olympic agons and olympic anthem

Athens, 4 drachma coin
post 499 a.e.v.

earrings from Sifnos island
Athens Benaki Museum
inv. no. 7670


1 euro, greek, 2002